jessica perry

Jesus Follower. Wife. Pastor. Musician. Creative. Foodie. Picture Taker.




Jess has nearly 30 years of experience in classical, contemporary, and worship piano and keyboard.


The daughter of a music minister, Jess was raised on church music, and brings that rich history into the modern era.


Jess is a favorite of kids from the ages of 5-95! Her goal is to make music fun and accessible for kids of all ages.


Not content simply to chase the latest worship fads, Jess is passionate about music that is God-focused and theologically strong.

Bible Teacher.

With a degree in Worship Arts from Hope International University in Fullerton, CA, Jess has studied under some of the most respected ministers in the country.  This training, along with years of multi-generational ministry, gives Jess the ability to deliver teaching from the Word that hits home.  Jess is a fun, personable, and captivating speaker capable of engaging groups of all sizes, ages, and walks of life.


Helping small and medium-sized churches use mega-church technology to advance the kingdom.

The Blog.

Thoughts on worship, the church, technology, and life.


I'm so excited! Why? Because I'm finally able to share some really useful tools with you.  I know that finding inspiration for new sermon series, or even finding graphics for existing series can be a challenge.  So to help, I've uploaded a few of my favorite series...

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Is Your Website a Time Machine to 1996?

The website: an absolute necessity in our modern day and age.   If your church doesn’t have one, you’re missing out on the single best piece of technology available to churches, period.  But almost worse than not having a website is having a website that is poorly...

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The Most Important Question in Church Technology

Many moons ago, back when I was a baby worship pastor, I attended a worship technology conference.  It was awesome.  All the latest and greatest worship tech was right there for me to demo.  I was the happiest little worship nerd you’ve ever seen.  But during one of...

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Jessica Perry

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