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Most small to medium-sized churches know that keeping up with technology is an important part of communicating in the digital age, but they just don’t have the resources to have someone on staff who can manage their tech.  Jess is a creative problem solver who knows how to help churches use megachurch tech in a way that is sensitive to their time, volunteers, and budgets.  Never one to use technology for the sake of “being cool,” Jess wants to help The Church proclaim the timeless message of the Good News in a fresh, modern way.


Worship always seems to be one of the most controversial subjects in The Church, in part because of its importance.  As the daughter of a music minister, Jess views the sea changes in worship with the grounding of decades of experience.  She’s passionate about using music to communicate the truths of Scripture, and while uninterested in feel-good, song-of-the-week fluff, she uses those modern techniques and sound to breathe new life into old classics.

Women's Ministry

Jess knows Women’s Ministry is one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding ministries in a church.  With a proven track record of taking troubled ministries and breathing new life into them, Jess understands the unique challenges involved in bringing women together in a meaningful way.  If you’re stuck trying to craft a long-term vision for your women’s ministry that brings women from every age, stage, and walk of life together, give Jess a call.

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