About Me

Hi! I’m JESS


Ever tell God there’s something
you won’t do?

I tried that once. 

I grew up in a very musical family. My dad was a music minister and my mom sang in the choir, so naturally they put their daughter in piano lessons at the age of 5. Which I hated. It wasn’t until I’d been playing for about 8 years that I begrudgingly told my saint of a piano teacher that I didn’t totally hate playing the piano. But there was no way I was going to play in church.

Fast-forward another 8 years and I found myself at a crossroads:
I was finishing up my Associate’s Degree at Hope International University and trying to decide whether I should continue to study music or become a teacher. One Sunday after church, my dad and I were talking through my plans and I swear I heard God say to me, “Why are you fighting me?”

Um…when God asks that question, there’s not really a good answer.

So I went back to school and got my degree in Music and Worship Arts, and started my first vocational ministry my Senior year.
In the years since, God has built in me a passion for His church, particularly the smaller ones.  I’ve seen first-hand the incredible work that pastors put in to preaching the Gospel and building disciples, and I’ve watched churches struggle to get their unique voices heard in a fast-paced technological world.  I believe that right now the Church has more resources available to her than at any point in history. With fields ready for harvest, every church, no matter their size, can have an impact beyond the scope of their four walls.

And the amazing thing is that the lessons I learned in the Church world have applications for any non-profit or small business. When you have to make do with fewer resources, you have to make the most of every dollar you spend.   Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or a non-profit looking to cut through the noise, I think you’re in the right place.

Let’s get to work!

Photographer. Singer. Wannabe Chef. Clippers Fan by marriage.

While I’m most passionate about equipping and connecting people, my greatest joy (other than Jesus) is annoying my husband, John, as a means of demonstrating my deep love and affection for him. I enjoy reading, theater, photography, and traveling to places that have good food and history.  John and I love to open our home for family dinners, small groups, and backyard barbecues, so when we’re not juggling a million things, you’ll find us spending time in the kitchen  (#PerryCulinaryMasterpiece). I believe in my beloved San Diego Padres and have a deep, totally non-obsessive love for coffee.

Can I have your chocolate chip cookie recipe?

If I released that information, I’d have to kill you.

Just kidding.  It’s Alton Brown’s Cookie Recipe #10.

Will you speak at my church/event?

I’d love to! For more information, check out my speaker page.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

24mph (European).


With nearly two decades of human-oriented work, I am a Jill-of-all-trades whose excellent interpersonal skills and obsession with quality drive audience retention and conversion. I’m flexible like Stretch Armstrong; I easily and with good humor meet challenges and fill needs. As a lifelong learner, I thrive in an environment where I can learn new skills and adapt to my surroundings.


B.A. – Music & Worship Arts, 2000-2006 
Hope International University, Fullerton, CA


Valley Christian Church, 2009



Jessica is good at most everything! People, media, technology, marketing- you name it- she does it and does it well. Extremely smart and always effective, her skill level is expert in many areas- I count myself lucky to know her.

Jennifer Bowen

Keller Williams Realty


GATEWAY CHURCH | Bloomingdale, GA
Communications Director

Beyond simply managing the communications of a growing, thriving church outside of Savannah, GA, my role at Gateway is one of “Storyteller.” As we use the power of story to connect people to both God and Gateway, we are equipping and inspiring our community to “invest in and invite others into a growing relationship with Jesus.” Using all the tools at our disposal, be it social media, video, or environment design, my team and I focus on bringing people into the ministry of one of the most distinctly different churches in the Low Country.


Dual Enrollment and Training Coordinator

Keeping with my “Jill-of-all-Trades” trademark, I began working with an existing high-functioning admissions team to create marketing videos for virtual college fairs and YouTube that increase brand awareness and enhance recruitment efforts. I also modernized new and ongoing employee training by designing high-quality instructional materials including video and skills testing. As an Academic Coach, I assisted & advised online undergraduate students regarding courses, financial aid, & graduation plans. My passion project is our SALT and Early College Programs, where I managed administrative tasks related to enrollment and billing, streamlined reporting, and work to strategically expand these amazing programs.

Pastor of Worship & Community

At LMCC, we wanted to be a Community in Christ that brings Christ to the Community around us.  To make our voice heard, I overhauled outdated branding and optimized social media advertising, while simultaneously creating both “Classic” and “Contemporary” worship experiences at the direction of church leadership. I provided strong vision and volunteer management and discipleship during a rapidly changing season in the life of the church.  We were able to double event attendance by improving flow and marketing and still lower costs by 80%.  I secured over $20,000 of “in-kind” donations and lowered ongoing costs while increasing reach, quality, and response. But some of the most fun things I’ve created are “Must-See” video advertising to boost congregational involvement.

Pastor of Creative Arts

In order to Know Jesus and Make Him Known, I spearheaded an internal culture shift toward creative modernization and excellence. We launched Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube communities, which generated momentum.  Our community engagement soared as we became known for consistently producing quality events making the best use of my team of sound technicians, musicians, and other volunteers.  I provided pastoral oversight for our Women’s Ministry Director, taught a weekly women’s Bible study, and produced weekend retreats ministry events using a variety of leaders.

EMProfit Group | Anaheim, CA
Director of Human Emprofitability

As the Director of Human Resources for small Professional Employer Organization (PEO), I was responsible for all client and internal HR functions, including I-9 compliance, sexual harassment training, safety management, corporate training, benefits management and enrollment, and investigations (as needed). Additionally, I was responsible for all logistics and programming of nationwide industry trade shows and made sure our clients got the 5-Star treatment at client appreciation events.

Minister of Worship Arts

At Westside, I was responsible for planning, scheduling, and producing weekly services in a diverse, multi-cultural, multi-lingual ministry setting. Due to our unique cultural mix, I led worship in English, Spanish, and Tagalog in a multi-generational setting.  I also provided pastoral leadership for various groups such as Celebrate Recovery. In the early days of social media, I used emerging technologies, including live, interactive web streaming for small group Bible studies as a platform for custom-created content. I designed and produced multiple print and web marketing pieces for every ministry group. In addition, I was a youth leader for ages Kindergarten through College, as well as a small group leader for 18+ age groups and women’s ministry.

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