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Full Service speaker

Honest, simple, and deep teaching from the Word
for every age, stage, and walk of life.

What do you get when you combine solid theology and training in stage and improvisation? A message that connects and sticks, and a speaker your group will ask for again and again.

Big or Small, I love ’em all!

Ever bring in a speaker that kills in the main auditorium, but can’t connect in small groups? As a veteran small group leader and moderator, I have years of experience in drawing out discussion and teaching in smaller environments.

Promos, Handouts, and Support Materials, Oh my!

One of my biggest pet peeves is bringing in a speaker and then having to hunt for promotional materials, so I can promise you that you’ll never have that problem with me! You’ll get a full suite of promotional materials, both finished and individual so you have exactly what you need to make the most of your event.

But Jess, What will you talk about?

Living a “Plan B” Life


The Ethiopian Eunuch:
Loving the “Others” in
Our World 


The Hidden Stories of Christmas

Finding Rest

The Story of God

How to Study the Bible

Churches in Transition

Worship Styles and Methodology

Volunteer Management

And a lot more!


From promotion to execution, these retreat packages can be customized to fit your church or group.


More than just music, worship is a life-changing invitation to know the heart of God. This highly-interactive weekend retreat will take you on a journey of creativity as we learn how to be women of worship in every moment of our lives.


When the answer to our prayers is simply silence, how do we connect with the heart of God? This weekend retreat will give you the tools to understand God's heart when He feels far and distant.  Even when we can't hear Him, God is speaking.


If you've ever felt adrift in a sea of hopelessness, uncertainty, trouble, hurt, or anger, or if you've ever felt insecure in your faith, then this weekend retreat is for you. God is able to give us certainty, promise, and a hope that's unshakable.

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